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About Us

Who we are:
Pa Domains.com is a subsidiary of BP Investments. BPI has been buying and selling Internet real estate since 1997.

Our Vision:
Enabling buyers to choose and purchase from a wide array of prestigious domain names that are suitable, simple and easy to remember.

Our Mission:
We simply want to give the buyer real value for their money.

Welcome to Pa Domains.com. We are the ideal place for your search and subsequent buy of striking top-level domain names to reflect your image and your type of business.

As you know, the ".com" extension enjoys instant recognition in the online business community. It is the best platform to get effective exposure with a proven track record of returns.

The domain names under the ".com" extension have also proven to be very valuable "online real estate". Most of the domains offered at Pa Domains.com are under this top-level domain name extension.

We have simplified the buying procedure and will give you top priority. Our support team will interact with you from the start and will extend all the assistance you need for choosing and buying your domain name(s).

This site has been perfected to cater to the novice as well as the professional. We provide information on all aspects of domain names in order for you to make an intelligent and informed decision.

Now, take a tour of Pa Domains.com, choose your domain name(s), and let's negotiate a deal!